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In the 2011 Off-Broadway revival of Rent, MJ Rodriguez was “just living me onstage,” she recalls. I was in character, of course, but I was also living me and telling my story through Angel.” Though typically thought of as a drag queen, Angel Dumott Schunard was more “gender queer” or “gender fluid” in Rodriguez’s eyes.

When Angel felt most herself, she was dressed to the nines in women’s clothing with full hair and makeup, and her friends addressed her as “her.” Same goes for Rodriguez, who was assigned male at birth, but felt female at heart. ’” Serve she did—receiving acclaim for her performance and the Clive Barnes Award months after making her Off-Broadway debut.

“When that gate got lifted up,” she says, “and everyone saw me as Angel dressed up, I was like, ‘This is me. Though she was living the dream onstage at New World Stages, offstage she felt incomplete.

“I’ve always felt I was the same person,” she says. This awesome photo shoot was done by the one and only @denniscahlo This wonderful shirt can be purchased at to @quingtux you did an amazing job with these shirts.

“There was never really any change; there was just evolving that had to take place. We still love you, and we don’t care.’ And things have been good moving forward.” So good, in fact, that Rodriguez got in the room where it happens to be seen for Hamilton.

I think this might be the first Showmance installment that does not feature two people in the theatre.

We like different things about what each other does.

The hardest thing is the schedule, especially on the weekends.

Caissie Levy and Kacie Sheik, also from the Hair tribe, sang them down the aisle, and Case and Connors were surrounded by the love and support of their friends and family on their wedding day.

It’s a day they feel even more grateful for now, after the devastating events in Orlando.

That’s a cis female role, and a trans woman was called in for that, and I think that’s actually very, very important,” she says.