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The copy of the photo they had was not very good since it had been photo copied back in the early 1980s but I am friends with Rob Cook and travel out to do the every year which he runs, so I called him and told him about what we had.His book is out of print so Rob was kind enough to take his copy off the shelf and take a picture of the page with Goulden and his drum set and in this picture it is just him, without the band and the smaller white snare is visible.The brass badge had the GRETSCH logo in block letters above the grommet. 100th ANNIVERSARY BADGE This special badge was used in 1983 on a limited production of exotic wood grain kits with all gold hardware.

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Our purpose is to collect information about historical U. drums (manufacture, preservation, conservancy, repair, market) for use by scholars, collectors and others.This is a work in progress because there is a lot of information yet to go on the website and the man hours involved with adding all this information is staggering.