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If I go out, I will usually go to the café near my place to meet my friends.If I go to a crowded place, I will have a headache.The older generation has read Bridal Mask manga so the expectation towards the drama was also very high. Massive amounts were poured into this production, appearing as the lead actor alongside the sunbaes, I did not even have energy to worry about the competition.I felt that if the drama were to fail, it must be me, this type of burden and pressure was terribly heavy. When I get married, I wouldn’t like to be worried about trivial things like I would be when dating.Rather than playing hard to get, I want a relationship with someone who can honestly open up.” Joo Won and UEE, former on-screen couple, reunited to visit their alma mater, Sungkyunkwan University, and cheer on students who are currently burdened down with their studies.

There’s also an interview in the magazine, where he admits to not really paying much attention to fashions. I’m just crossing my fingers they pick someone other than Choi Kang-hee.

Filming CF or having an interview like now, they are all more relaxing than acting. Looking at recent interviews, do you feel amazed that your female fans have increased so tremendously? Even a 3 year old child recognized me, shouting “Gaksital! When I was filming Bridal Mask at Hapcheon, there were grannies who kept shouting at me “1N! When I am out with my mother shopping, I will have to look more intimate. When you finished a drama like Bridal Mask, how do you feel? After we completed the final scene, we had the celebratory dinner.

Because the next day, I had to go and film 1N2D, I went home first.

On the same day, MBC’s ‘Sunday Night’ tried to switch things by changing the order of the segments.

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However, ‘Sunday Night – God of Victory’, the segment that aired during the same time slot as ‘Running Man’ and ’1 Night 2 Days’ was not able to escape the last place with 2.5% in ratings. November Issue – Ceci Interview This year, the entire time you have been very busy.

When hyung died, I had to run inside the house to tell mother and then I saw that mother had also died.