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30-Aug-2017 19:38

Don’t overwhelm them with messages all day every day.

Be sure to reconfirm your plans the morning of your date. I have clients who tell me that they want to text with someone for weeks before planning a date just to be sure they’re “comfortable” with them.

Don’t: Lead Someone On If you’re not interested in someone, be honest as soon as possible.

Definitely do NOT leave anyone hanging, waiting for an email response from you that you never intend to send. If someone contacts you and you’re not interested, be respectful enough to send a short, succinct, and thoughtful rejection.

And just as you should always represent yourself fairly, expect the same in return from anyone you meet online.

If and when you catch someone in a lie, call that person out on it, report his or her behavior if it’s dangerous or detrimental to anyone else, and move on as quickly as possible.

A recent study determined that the most effective online dating messages were fewer than 100 characters.

Instead of writing a lot in your opening message, focus your efforts on a thorough profile and photos that will help you get a response. Continue by asking or sharing more about the things you have in common to increase your rapport and relatability, but keep your communication online brief.

If you are truly interested in someone, take the time to read their profile and ask a question or make a statement related to their interests. Don’t message one another for days, as texting and messaging for prolonged periods of time can build a false sense of connection and intimacy.

Return an hour later to review, edit, and, when satisfied, hit Send.

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That way, you avoid unnecessary emotional or verbal diarrhea and also keep your potential match interested.Ravid Yosef is a Dating & Relationship coach living in Los Angeles.

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