Games for lds youth dating

10-Sep-2017 10:47

Prom Dress Blues- look through a prom issue of a magazine and see if anything meets the Lord's standards. Make a special effort in invite every girl to the activity well in advance so that she has no excuse not to attend.

Play Balderdash (try using unfamiliar words from the Bible dictionary or from Mormon Doctrine).

They can successfully play the game for a short time with the one rule they know, but then they need to know more of the rules or strategy to progress.

If they get frustrated, you may whisper to them that they have a way to receive answers to their questions by asking you for help. He doesn't want to take away our agency, but He will answer our questions if we ask Him.

By the end of the game they should have learned all of the rules and utilized some of the strategy. Sometimes we forget, but the Holy Ghost can remind us to pray and seek the spiritual help we need.

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Now play a different game while being totally honest. Then you choose a slip of paper and call up that girl plus two others to sit in the front of the room. The three of them tell a story as if the paper was theirs.The description on the box says it perfectly: “Being married is fun! It’s couples versus couples in this hysterical game where you and your spouse will discover how much you really know or don’t know about your significant other! “The Missionary Game” Why not join in the missionary effort with some good, recreational mission preparation?