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Both men have been disappointed, worn down -- their lives haven't taken them to the promised place of fulfilled hopes & expectations.

And both are given a second chance, although in very different ways.

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Unlike the other vendor choices (which had the shipping amount under their price, this just had ONE price--no shipping--and led me to believe that it included shipping, especially because the price was HIGHER.Transplanted American Jess (Drew Barrymore) and Londoner…Directed by Frank Coraci, Blended marks the third romcom collaboration between Adam Sandler and Drew Barrymore, following The Wedding Singer (also directed by Coraci) and 50 First Dates.Charles remembers the energy, the joy, the wonder of experiencing the world for the first time ... The well-meaning owners of the home only see him as an old man, the little that's left of a long life.

Charles still knows himself to be the sum of that long life, with all of its sorrows & wisdom.

Not simply a cautionary tale about living too much in the past, it also offers what so many grown men undoubtedly hunger for: the chance to speak with their fathers openly & honestly, man-to-man, each in the prime of life.

Ich bin wieder in Hamburg und habe gleich schon wieder richtig Lust zu fcken. Bin da sehr aufgeschlossen und freue mich noch mehr E...… continue reading »

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