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That she regrets, 12) She does not like to have scabs on her body. So she eats them, 13) She has eaten her dog's scabs, 14) She has a sister who lives in Montreal who has a very troubled history with drugs, 15) The Stanford Band created some of the best performance art she has ever seen, 16) Her favorite book is by Samuel Beckett, 17) She is a defense lawyer's dream juror, 18) As a child she was certain that she had been dropped on earth by her home people as part of some kind of secret mission, 19) She was asked not to return to her confirmation class for doubting the possibility of a virgin birth, 20) Her first celebrity crush was Sammy Davis Junior.

She had all the details of their life together worked out in her head, 21) They would have three daughters - Sugar, Candy, and Cinnamon, 22) She has only had sex with one woman, 23) She is pretty sure that she is smarter most people, 24) She is not always a good listener, 25) She believes that she should be more famous than she is.

We are working on rectifying this injustice by presenting our important art work directly at the most fabulous Biennials and Biennales, although we have not technically been invited to participate in any of them as of yet. We love telling people that our practice used to be object based, but now involves Durational Performative Installations with Aspirational Themes. Where did you meet them and what was it like to meet artist from the future?

But it is just a matter of time until this changes. Have you changed your opinion on biennial exhibits? Well, among other things, that is is extremely fun to take pictures of ourselves and make fools of ourselves in public places. Yes indeed, we have many co-conspirators, and some of them are with us......freedom soon will come! Yes, our Artistic Collaboration with Eva&Adele at this year's Venice Biennale was a high point of our Performative Practice.

First, let us begin by saying that we are thrilled and honored that you want to write about us!

YES, YES, YES, we would love to answer these and any other questions you have.

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He owns a Japanese Chin named Gertie and a naughty black cat named Madonna. Because attention must be paid, due to us having some seriously good news to report.

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