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The first advertisement for Friends appeared in Mountain magazine in 1978.

It called the devices “the revolution in climbing protection: vertical, horizontal, parallel-sided or even flared cracks—Friends work better and faster than any other device.”7 Not everyone embraced the revolution.

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In 1985, Steve Byrne, a former Metolius employee, began commercially producing his Three Cam Units, which had a flexible U-shaped stem, in Flagstaff, Arizona, under the company name Wired Bliss.Metolius TCUs followed soon afterward.9 When Black Diamond’s Camalots first came on the scene in 1987, they added another new dimension to camming units: the double axle.The design, created by Tony Christianson, allowed the Camalot to get greater range without sacrificing holding power.10 Today, the largest SLCD a climber can buy is made by Valley Giant, which sells two sizes of cams: the VG9 and VG12 (nine- and 12-inch spans).But since other climbers were around, Walker coyly asked Jardine if he had brought the “friends” with him.

The name stuck.6 In 1977, a trusted friend of Jardine’s, Mark Vallance, started the gear company Wild Country in England to begin commercially manufacturing Friends.Making people happy is not just our job, it’s a life goal.